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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Factor 2 million, please.

Heya! Been almost a year since I last posted something here! My bad. But oh well, that's life.

Anyway, I'm just going to get straight to the topic of discussion for this post. The sun. It's now summer (yay!) and people are starting to go off on their holidays. For those staying at home, I bet you're out trying to catch every single ray of sunshine as humanly possible! Well, that's fair enough. But for God's sake, what the hell is the obsession with tanning (or should I say 'burning' in the sun)? Don't get me started on tanning salons. All those places should be blown up. I've chosen to talk about this topic because people continually say to me "Jesus, you're white as a ghost" or "go get a tan." No thanks. At least I know my skin is healthy.

Below: My white, unburned skin V unprotected burned to a crisp skin. Most attractive skin award goes to....?

It grinds my gears when people say things such as, "Woop, got myself a lovely tan today", or "...is heading out in the sunshine to work on my tan." Anger doesn't begin to explain exactly how I feel about naive people who say things like this.

Do you actually realise what you're doing to your skin? Clearly you do not.

The so-called 'sun-kissed' look people gain from the sun (tan) is merely damaged skin cells. The reason you get the darker coloured skin is because you are freaking burning your skin. The colour changing process is no different to bread being toasted.

If people want to get a tan for the summer or a night out, get it from a bottle! (Not that I'm a big fan of this either, but it's better than damaging your skin)
People only have to be out in the sun with unprotected skin for 30 minutes in order for skin damage to take place. I have walked past people sitting on the beach who literally look like they have been gangbanged by a bunch of lobsters. If you listen closely you can actually hear their skin sizzling. It freaking turns my stomach!

I've got pearly white skin, so I burn very easily. I'm grateful that I've got such delicate skin because this means I will automatically take all the necessary steps in protecting my skin. I use a clear sun spray that is fantastic. It smells amazing as well. But most importantly, it protects me! I never get burned when I use this stuff... and I'm a red head.

A little tip, if you are using sun cream, you are NOT supposed to rub it completely into the skin until it disappears. You are supposed to see a little bit of white. You may as well have been rubbing water on your skin if you have been fully rubbing it into the skin.

Also, it's quite scary to think that sunburn causes moles and blisters to occur. If you do find a new mole then you NEED to get that checked out.

Let me leave you with one final point, that may (or may not) kick your ass into gear:
The more you go out in the sun unprotected, you have taken one step closer to skin cancer.

Get protected FFS! Stay safe in the sun.

Lisa. X


  1. I agree completely! As a fellow pale-skinned lady I can't imagine anything worse than hearing someone banging on about going outside to bake themselves. Every time I hear someone say something like this, I imagine a chicken in an oven - it's that horrible! And don't get me started on fake tan. Anyway, thanks for the update! :) x

  2. I know. It's ridiculous! Skin cancer scares the crap outta me, so I do like to take good care of my skin! Some people are just so naive to think that 'they won't be the unlucky one that will get skin damage' *sigh*. Oh well.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! :) x