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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Things I'm loving at the moment.

Good evening all. I'm currently watching Come Dine With Me. God, some people on that show need a kick up the back-side! Anyway, my post is not on CDWM. I'm basically just going to list a number of things that I really am loving just now. I'm sure there would be more, but these are the things that initially spring to mind. Please read on if you're interested :)

Oh, by the way. This is more of a good read for girls. (Sorry guys- but the first thing on the list may interest you, so keep reading if you please :D)

1) The Death List, written by Paul Johnstone.

The was a book I picked up at Morrison's. Only £2.99 so quite a bargain! In a nutshell: protagonist, author Matt Wells has been dumped by his ambitious and professional City-working wife, his uppity literary agent and finally, his publisher; but he has one fan of his novels who remains in contact via email. The Devil has appreciated his historical novels, more than most, but he also has another reason for staying in touch with Wells. This fan likes crime fiction and wants to make it real, first picking off from his own "Death List" and then working on what he perceives as Wells's own revenge "Death List". He very cleverly enrolls Wells in his killing endeavours, with no obvious way out. It becomes a game of cat and mouse with Wells implicated as an accomplice, where the Devil has Wells writing his story.

This book is excellent, and if you like blood, guts and investigation then this book is for you. It's a gorefest. If you do happen to buy this book, let me know what you think of it :)

2) My (gorgeous!!) Pandora bracelet

My lovely boyfriend bought this for me at Christmas. I've wanted one forever but I knew my purse would never be deep enough to afford one. So, this was an amazing surprise! I love how personal the bracelet is, reflecting what you like, hobbies, personality etc. Also, it goes with EVERYTHING. My other bracelets have been neglected ever since I put the Pandora on my wrist. I just do not want to take it off! I'm glad my boyfriend has elegant taste :)

3) Johnson's Baby Wipes

Why? Well for starters they are VERY cheap. I used to buy make-up wipes all the time which cost around £4 for only 20 make-up wipes. Whereas with Johnson's Baby wipes you get 64 for only £1.50. They smell lovely and they are also a lot better for your skin. There are no harsh chemicals in them, which is good news if you happen to have sensitive or dry skin (I sound like an advert). I would definitely recommend them. After all, it is always good to look after the pennies.

4) Rimmel Lash Accelerator

One word. Amazing. This mascara really does accelerate your eyelashes. It is definitely the best mascara that I have ever purchased (and I've tried a lot). I already have quite long eyelashes, but this makes them even longer which is great! This mascara is a little pricey. £8-9. But I really do feel that it is worth the money. So girls,if you have long or short eyelashes, this stuff will do wonders. Treat yourself ;)

5) JVC Earphones

I spotted these (once again) in Morrison's. I needed a new pair so I decided to try them. They were only £5 so I was not expecting the greatest quality, yet I was not prepared to spend £40 on a pair elsewhere. Verdict- To my amazement, they were excellent! The sound quality was really good. They are also quite comfortable to wear. I find some earphones can irritate my ears and cause some pain. Not with these though. They come in a variety of colours. I decided to go for a kind of dark colour. White earphones are difficult to keep clean and I don not like that grubby look. So my point, save yourself money and purchase these. Chip as chips with great sound quality.

6) Crystal Necklace

This necklace is absolutely beautiful. My mother bought this necklace for me :) I love how simple, yet elegant it is. Perfect for wearing with a black dress for dinner or a cocktail night. This will be for special occasions only. This definitely is not a 'wear-everyday' necklace. I'm sure every girl has jewellery only to be worn for certain days. I love crystal/diamond jewellery. When it hits the light it looks marvellous, which is even better if it is for a romantic evening out. Wearing some sparkle can make you feel like a princess.

7) Notebook

This was a Christmas present from a very good friend of mine. I always like to have some kind of notebook with me in case I need to jot some things down, such as things I need to remember/do etc (which is why I always carry a pen with me as well). I love how feminine this notebook is :)

Anyway, that is just a short list of things I'm loving/using at the moment. In weeks to come I will have an updated post on other things I am using. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it in some way helpful.

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take care all,

Lisa X

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