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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Anniversary of The RMS Titanic

Good afternoon. Hope the Easter Holidays are being thoroughly enjoyed!

I'm sure many of you who have watched the news lately have heard about Titanic Belfast; the new tourist attraction which aims to tell the story of the RMS Titanic. I have always been interested in the story of the Titanic.

Ever since the big blockbuster I've been reading many articles and facts about what actually happened that dreadful night. There are so many questions of 'what if?' and 'who was to blame?', that I think it is fair to say that no-one will really truly know what happened.

I hope to visit Titanic Belfast in summer. It'll be £13.50 well spent! Although, I am a little bit disappointed that the construction of the grand staircase within the building is not part of the tour itself. This is not part of the tour as it is only open to business 'class' when they hire that particular area for a function. It's a shame that there is still a little bit of class division going on. The grand staircase was the thing I was most looking forward to on my future visit.

I know this wasn't a real part of the story, but I absolutely loved the movie and adored 'The Heart of the Ocean' necklace, worn by Rose. I had to buy a replica! Here it is :)

Anyway, just a short post today. As soon as I've visited the museum, I'll give you my verdict on here.

Good day,

Madame Norrby

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