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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Hi all,

Wow, it's been a while since I posted an entry! I've been busy, what with exams and settling into the new semester and you know, generally living life. I guess I also just lacked inspiration for the last couple of months. Admittedly, I regained my inspiration due to a certain someone, after he suggested a very random (and lovely, I might add) midnight walk on the beach. He may kill me for posting this, but what the hell, thanks Ben, you hopeless romantic.

So, this blog aims to focus primarily on gaming. I'll tell you about games I've played growing up (not them all or you'd be reading for a week) and tell you a little bit about them. I may go off on a tangent now and again, but that's what I do.

A lot of people, mainly those of the male species, assume that the only games a girl would have in her room are those of the fairytale, pink and fluffy kind. Not me. Give me weapons, explosions, blood and gore any day. My influence? Having no sisters and growing up with 3 brothers. So yeah, they are to blame... or thank rather. Growing up I would watch them playing all sorts of games such as Goldeneye, Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider.
Seriously, if I had to name a favourite past time, this would be in the top 5. In 2010, this love of gaming hasn't changed. Well, maybe it has a little, but with no fault on my part. I have no game consoles at uni therefore the only time I can really indulge in this hobby is when I go home, or when I play the odd game of halo with Ben and co, which brings me on nicely to the game Halo itself, focusing on the 3rd instalment of the game.

Well, I first started playing Halo 3 only about a year ago, year and a half tops. I didn't really know much about the actual story line to the game, nor did I care. I came across it one day, among the mountains of alphabetically organised games in my brothers room and thought I'd give it a shot to see what all the jazz was about. At first I wasn't so sure. For me personally, I like to play characters that take on a more human form, e.g, Lara Croft, Gordon Freeman, rather than playing someone who looks like Robocop. But anyway, I decided to look past that and wise up! (Ha). I really got into the game. I wasn't exactly the best at it and I'm still rather crap at it today, but oh well. Xbox live was the next step for me. I signed up for my free one month account (wooo!!) which has since long-expired :(. Putting on a headset, playing a game you aren't exactly good at and playing with people who practice this game day in, day out, to get a kill was to say the least, a very daunting experience for me. God, I sucked at team slayer. I mean, I got the odd kill here and there but then afterwards I'd look at my 'statistics' and see my score was something like -6000 (a bit of an exaggeration - I wasn't that bad). I still don't understand those silly statistics. There is something in halo that I'm good at... that being 'octagon'. For those of you who don't know, this is where you fight one-on-one or against a whole load of lunatics in one room – no map, just a single room with nowhere to run. (Well, feel free to try, but you won't get very far before someone puts a bullet in your head). I've almost been on a par with the number of kills my boyfriend has got. (haha – he'll hate on me) I feel I deserve a medal... Yes? No? YES! Overall, I really do like this game. This game wouldn't be my favourite, I have to say. I generally like to play games without being shouted at and made fun of how bad I'm doing, especially when it's from some stranger from Sevastopol! Some people are so harsh. You know who you are!! I know I suck at it, but hey, at least I give it a go :D

Also, if you're playing with people in the same room, make sure you wear ear plugs... You'll thank me. Why? Well, because you'll hear things like, “Where the fuck are you going with that skull?!” “The hill has moved woman!” “HEADSHOT!” My ears have grown accustomed to these now. Ahh, the joys of adaption.

Hmm, the most recent game I've played on the Xbox is 'Condemned : Criminal Origins'. Now, this is definitely my idea of an awesome game. Basically it's a psychological horror game, where the aim of the game is to survive, by kicking the shit out of god forsaken maniacs. The developers of the game got their inspiration from such films as 'The Silence of the Lambs and 'Se7en'. (what a great combo). So, your role as an investigator (Ethan Thomas) is to solve puzzles, search for fingerprints and gather evidence in scary ass locations. Ethan is on the trail of a murderer named, 'The Match-maker.' Let me warn you, if you play this game, DO NOT PLAY IT ALONE! In the game itself you'll be lucky to find a few rooms lit up. So yeah, it can sometimes be a strain to see exactly who is hitting you over the head with a pipe or in which direction your next near death experience will come from. You do get some bad ass weapons to use though : axes, large pipes, shovels, subway signs, small pipes, planks with nails sticking out of them, revolvers, shotguns and a hell of a lot more. It's best to use the melee weapons rather than the guns. You can unlock more achievements this way. You will not be disappointed by this game. If you don't like this game then there is really something wrong with you... not really, but still. Important : Only play this game in the dark and with people. Don't waste the opportunity of being physically and mentally scared. Enjoy it! Scaredy cats :)

I've also heard from 'reliable sources' that 'Condemned 2 : Bloodshot' is very good. I can't say much about it because I've never played it, but give it a go. If it's anything like the 1st then yay for all! :)

Now onto a game that I've played a lot : Silent Hill. First of all, it's better than the film. I don't care what anyone says. The film was enjoyable, but if you've played Silent Hill, you'll understand my point of there being no comparison. The games give you a 'full-bodied' sense of being constantly on edge. Isn't that the whole point of scary games? Of course. It's another horror, survival game about a young chap, Harry Mason searching for Cheryl, his daughter. She goes missing just after they've been in the unfortunate event of a car accident, which leaves Harry unconscious. The place deemed with most priority for Harry, is, surprise surprise, Silent Hill. Silent Hill : Abandoned, shrouded in a thick fog, snowing with ash... Oh and the numerous horrific monsters looming in every corner. (Sounds like a hoot!) Let's not forget the cult ritual undertaken to bring a God to Earth (those silly beings, with weird hair). Listen out for the siren, players. That siren. What that siren is informing you to do, is to FUCKING HIDE AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT. You have been warned.

I hope you enjoy the hellish 'otherworld' and look out for Pyramid Head (the scariest character in my opinion ever) and his 'Great Knife'. ;)

Pyramid Head for President!

Now onto a game, a little more light-hearted : the infamous Tomb Raider. Ahh, the beautiful Lara Croft, with her extremely sharp and pointy boobs. (I think that was the only part of the game I didn't like. I mean, come on. It just looked wrong. I'm sure they could have made more of an effort). Everyone has played this game. If not, then why have you been living under a rock all your life? This was probably the first game I really got into as a child and I still adore it. Playstation 1 : Old Skool Baby! I was awesome at this game, even if I say so myself. I loved playing the character of Lara Croft, seeing as it was nearly always guys who got to play dirty and kill whoever got in their way. Lots of lovely levels in this game to keep you occupied for a while, or angry, when spikes, boulders or the underwater fans would destroy you, over and over again. All the Tomb Raider games are excellent. I was particularly happy when the 2nd one was released. I looked at the front cover, and wooo, Lara had normal looking boobs!... The game was good too, of course. I recommend that you play all of the Tomb Raiders available. I've played them on PS1, PS2, Xbox and the PC and they've all been 5*s, hands down. They all offer something different and it's just a fun game to play. If you like guns (lots of them) and bad guys, with the odd bitch thrown in, then play it!

... It still puzzles me today how Lara manages to fit dual uzis, a desert eagle, a revolver, a harpoon gun (gun list much bigger!) medi-packs, sunglasses, a music player and other 'special items' in that little back pack of hers. Every girl needs one of those badboys!

Now, onto COD or Call of Duty for those people who think I'm referring to fish. There are a series of COD games, however, I've only played the 3rd. Basically, it's a World War II game. So a little bit about it. In single player mode, you are given your duties after the Normandy breakout, where Resistance forces (British, American, Polish, French and Canadian) are pushed into the village of Chambois in France. Your aim is to basically resist opposing forces and try your best not to get blown up... (Look out for the grenade marker indicating that you're about to be blown into a million pieces). A character can be positioned in 3 different stances ; standing, kneeling or prone. Remember to take into consideration that this with affect the rate of stealth, accuracy and movement of the character. If you get hit, or experience slight damage, the edges of the screen glow red and you can hear the character's heartbeat increasing. (I get so agitated when I see the red – I just think, “Yup, I'm a goner”). Just hide as fast as you can, or crouch, if possible. This game was awesome. It's filled with action and a few surprise one-to-one fights with the enemy. Throughout, you do get a great sense of 'belonging' in the game. You feel as if you are in the body of your character. Strange? Not really. A good game will allow you to experience this. Oh, and by the way. I like war games, and anything related to war, but not war itself. Just to make that perfectly clear. Every time you die in the game a quote will appear from a famous someone or other to remind you that war sucks. (putting it light-heartedly).

Well, this is a very, I repeat VERY short list of games I've played over the years. Other games, which I will not go into detail about, but have loved and still do, are Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Mario, Monkey Ball, Lylat Wars, Wave Race, Eternal Darkness, Tekken and a heap load more. Gaming is for me, just complete fun ; playing different characters and following different plots.

So people, pick up your controllers and be prepared to scream with terror, get competitive or just have a laugh with your friends. It's something all people should experience. Really.

Happy gaming.

Lisa xx

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